The Reclaiming New Zealand's Digitised Heritage Summer Scholar project has been featured in the latest edition of Victorious, Victoria University's alumni publication. The magazine provides an opportunity for alumni to catch up with new developments at the University and to celebrate the achievements of other alumni, staff and students (click here for more information).

The Autumn edition of Victorious will be uploaded to their website soon. In the meantime I have uploaded the relevant sections about the project below.
Below is my winning entry in the 2012 Summer Gold Awards at Victoria University of Wellington.

The awards were initiated to acknowledge the research achievements of students who received scholarships as part of the the Summer Scholar Scheme during the 2011-12 trimester.  

Scholars were invited to submit a poster describing their work and its results in a clear and interesting style similar to that used at many professional and disciplinary conferences.

My poster won the award for best entry within the Faculty of Commerce, and can be viewed below (the image is full resolution, and can be zoomed to any level of detail for easy viewing).


    Research Blog

    I am currently researching the policies and practices of online libraries in order to better understand the wider dynamics of knowledge in a digital environment.

    At the heart of this project is the desire to ensure that policies of access, usage and preservation are developed to the highest possible standard whilst balancing the diverse needs of multiple groups within society.

    My first case-study has explored how New Zealand heritage material is being either restricted or permitted by various online institutions in New Zealand, the USA, and around the world.

    My research blog contains details of my key findings to date, and will be updated as more findings come to light.

    My research was initiated as part of Victoria University's Summer Scholar scheme in Nov 2011, which offers scholarships for student research at the end of each year. My project has been conducted under the supervision of Brenda Chawner, within the School of Information Management.





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